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Stay Safe from WannaCry: Download Our Utility Now!

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admin September 19, 2021 0 Comments

WannaCry Ransomware

WannaCry, the malicious software behind Friday's worldwide hacking attack has infected about 2,00,000 computer systems in 150 countries on Friday itself and has now started developing it's roots in India with cases coming from Gujarat, Kerala, UP, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, etc.

How it works

WannaCry is a form of ransomware that locks up files on your computer and encrypts them in a way that you cannot access them anymore until you pay a ransom. It targets Microsoft’s widely used Windows operating system.

When a system is infected, a pop-up window appears with instructions on how to pay a ransom amount of $300 using Bitcoins

How it spreads

Ransomware is a program that gets into your computer, either by clicking or downloading malicious files. It then holds your data as Ransom. Some forms of ransomware execute programs that can lock your computer entirely, only showing a message to make payment in order to log in again. While others create pop-ups that are difficult or impossible to close, rendering the machine difficult or impossible to use.

What can you do to prevent infection

Forenzy’s WannaCry Ransomware Safeguard Utility helps Users in getting a clean-chit from getting infected by WannaCry Ransomware. It will let User’s know whether their system is Vulnerable to WannaCry or not by simple scanning your System. If your System is found to be Vulnerable, it will guide you to do the required OS patches which will make you immune from WannaCry.

Step 1

Download WannaCry Ransomware Safeguard utility using link – Download WannaCry Utility. Make sure you have Java installed on your System.


Step 2

Click on ‘Scan my System’ button. The Utility will start scanning your System for possible Vulnerabilities which will lead you to getting infected by WannaCry.

Step 3 

If the System is found to be Vulnerable against MS17-10 Vulnerability, the required patch numbers will be shown to the User.


Step 4

Using the patch numbers, User can download the patch updates from Microsoft’s URL – Here first search your OS and then patch number shown by utility


Step 5

Once the patches has been downloaded and installed, it will ask user to restart the machine. User can recheck again using our Utility.


Step 6

We will be happy to assist you in case you have any queries regarding this utility. Please send us your valuable feedback on [email protected]

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