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Red Teaming is an approach of rigorously inspect an organization's infrastructure from every possible aspect. It comprises of simulating the real-world attack on the organization to assess security foundation. It covers applications, internal & external networks, employees, services & facilities, etc.


Attack Simulation

Simulation of cyber Threats from external to internal network to identify existing implementation, security measures and weaknesses.


Endurance Assessment

A full scope assessment to identify the Organization's resistance to Cyber Attacks emerging through technology, people & physical assets.


Threat Recognition Scope

Defining scope for identifying and handling a Cyber Threat for effective Security protection.


We assets attack effectively
for you to have the perfect control.



Information gathering, surveying and research about the Organizations from an Attacker's perspective.


Social Engineering

Performing a Sophisticated Social Engineering Attack to evaluate and bypass the existing Security of an Organization.


Pen-Testing & Exploitation

Identification & Risk analysis of the Organization's Infrastructure and critical assets.


Actionable Insights

Identification of vulnerabilities and exploiting them to identify security gaps of an Organization.

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Why Forenzy

A leading Cyber Security and Digital Forensics company, Forenzy is a one-stop shop for everything in Cyberspace, comprising an excellent team of experienced professionals with years of expertise and global Cyber Security certifications. Our Cyber Security services and products help organizations in redefining their Cyber Strategy to combat the most advanced Cyber Attacks.

In addition to our Vulnerability Assessment and Pen-testing services, offering niche services like Virtual CISO, Cyber Advisors, Digital Forensics, ZERO Trust Architecture implementation & Secure Network Designing services allow our customers to confide in us in securing their organization.

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    The Red Teaming service is full-scope testing of an organization with a different approach for identifying the weakness, effectiveness and resistance of an organization for an actual Cyber Attacks.

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