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DoS/DDoS Attack Simulation

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What is

DoS/DDoS Attack Simulation?

The frequency of DDoS attacks increased more than 2.5 times between 2014 and 2017. The cost of the DoS/DDoS attack averages between $20,000-$40,000 per hour. DDoS attack abbreviated form of distributed denial of service occurs when an attacker causes interference or breakdown by manipulating the online traffic resulting in issues for the users to access the service. Smart devices, personal computers, or mobile phones which are connected to the internet and are defected with malicious applications are the main source for the DDoS attackers to remotely control them. These can be witnessed when the service or site suddenly becomes unavailable or slow. It is an attempt to disturb the normal traffic of a server by overwhelming it preventing regular traffic from reaching its destination.

Once the botnet is made, the attacker is now able to direct an attack by instructing each botnet to send the request to the specific IP address which causes the server to be overwhelmed. As each of the botnets is a legitimate internet device, so separating the attack traffic from the regular one is difficult.

Case Study

How DoS/DDoS Attack Simulation helped in
identifying Downtime Risks

During the winter eCommerce sale, an eCommerce website was made the victim of a DDoS attack and this is considered to be the most extreme attack which targeted an unidentified customer using Connection Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) which relies on vulnerable servers and enhances the quantity of data sent to victim’s IP by more than 60 times.

eCommerce decided to onboard with Forenzy to handle such DoS/DDoS scenario where their first requirement was to control ongoing attacks and later to gauge their infra’s capacity by simulating DoS/DDoS attacks. Forenzy’s state-of-the-art DoS/DDoS attack simulation service helped in strengthening their infra by feeling the gap disclosed in the report after successful attack simulation over their Infra.

Why Should you Go For

DoS/DDoS Attack Simulation

DoS/DDoS Attack simulation helps to explain that what impact the DDoS attack might have on the business and also acts as a drill for the front line employees dealing with the attack and can also be used to design a training plan to optimize response occurrence of the real attack. It covers a wide range of technologies and techniques that even the lowest router claims some protection as a feature. It helps with the establishment of subsequent tuning processes to identify any vulnerability. It helps in finding out any issues or weak points in the network and helps in enhancing the DDoS protection level. It realistically assesses the DDoS protection and prepares for any such event. It increases the availability of the site and decreases the downtime and it also limits the disruption from the attacks.

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Why Forenzy

A leading Cyber Security and Digital Forensics company, Forenzy is a one-stop shop for everything in Cyberspace, comprising an excellent team of experienced professionals with years of expertise and global Cyber Security certifications. Our Cyber Security services and products help organizations in redefining their Cyber Strategy to combat the most advanced Cyber Attacks.

In addition to our Vulnerability Assessment and Pen-testing services, offering niche services like Virtual CISO, Cyber Advisors, Digital Forensics, ZERO Trust Architecture implementation & Secure Network Designing services allow our customers to confide in us in securing their organization.

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    Digital Report

    Our experts will furnish an itemized security evaluation report with legitimate remediation steps to be taken.

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    Vulnerability Data

    Our experts will furnish an itemized security evaluation report with legitimate remediation steps to be taken.

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    Skilled Consultants

    Our experts will furnish an itemized security evaluation report with legitimate remediation steps to be taken.


    What our Customers say

    We had taken various services from Forenzy like Penetration Testing, We have been associated with Forenzy since more than 5 years. They are the 'Go-To' persons for providing many of our Security Solutions like doing Cyber Forensics in solving various Crime Cases, Designing and Securing our Data Centers as well as Auditing Security of our Mobile Apps. Their knowledge base is vast and we get a single point of 'Trustworthy' contact to deal with all our Security Problems.
    Ahmedabad Crime Branch

    Ahmedabad Crime Branch Gujarat Police

    Forenzy is a great company to be partnered with, they have a combo of the core Technical expertise and one of the best customer savvy people to work with. For now, it has been more than an year we have been working together, in-between the pandemic, with multifold increase in Cyber Security attacks happening across all domains, Forenzy has been handholding us through-out all of them diligently. They have one of the best Cyber Security experts who has supported us in VAPT and has always stayed on
    Isha Foundation

    Isha Foundation Siva Balan, IT Security Head

    Forenzy is a great company to work with. We started with their Computer Forensics Services and Cyber Law Advisory, followed by Network Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment. Their motto of delivering 'Quality' is perfectly proven by them. Their Guest Lecture helped our employees in getting knowledge on how to secure themselves from Cyber Threats.
    Mr. Raju Patel

    Mr. Raju Patel AGM - IT Dept., INOXCVA

    We had taken various services from Forenzy like Penetration Testing, getting a Secure Network Infrastructure designed for our Company, etc. and we must say we are fully satisfied with their Services & After Supports. Their professional approach is brilliant and. I would definitely recommend it to others.
    Mr. Anand Vadhadia

    Mr. Anand Vadhadia Founder & CEO, LIVEARS

    "Forenzy is amazing in their Computer Forensics skills. They came through for me in my limited time schedule and delivered great work. They know their forensics skills very well. They were able to take my requirements with little direction. I was very happy with their services."
    Mr. Dinesh


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