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Cryptojacking a new type of threat that is on the rise!

HomeBlog Cryptojacking a new type of threat that is on the rise!

Cryptojacking a new type of threat that is on the rise!

Cryptojacking is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of cybercrime, but it’s already becoming a major threat as it hides itself on the system and uses unauthorized access to mine the cryptocurrencies!

Cryptojacking was introduced firstly in September, 2017. The website called Coinhive published code that enabled cryptominers to mine the cryptocurrency Monero by donating a small amount of the processing capacity of third party CPU’s.

Let us take an example of a high profile case in 2019, Microsoft store booted 8 Cryptojacking Applications, As the system caused low in performance and utility costs high. By injecting mining software in the organization’s machine and it uses the machine’s compute to mine the cryptocurrency. Applications named Fast-search Lite, Battery Optimizer, VPN Browsers+, Downloader for YouTube Videos, Clean Master+, FastTube, Findoo Browser 2019, and Findoo Mobile & Desktop Search were maliciously intended to mine.

There are a few things you can do to protect yourself from cryptojacking:
  • Keep an eye on your CPU’s usage by selecting the task manager and track the performance on right clicking the windows taskbar.
  • Downloading antivirus can detect cryptomining malware as-well-as the processors or graphics cards get damaged without any apparent reason, or the device is overheating more than usual. Also an unexpected increase in electricity costs
  • Only access URLs that begin with HTTPS.
  • Educate your users, family and employees about malware attacks in different forms and be conscious of downloading applications from unknown resources.
  • Do not click on links in emails: Cryptocurrencies are often mined through links that are sent via email. If you click on these links, you may unwittingly download malware onto your computer.

Stay Secure!

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