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7 habits to make passwords more secure

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7 habits to make passwords

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In the era of digitalization, we all require our digital space in which some spaces are public and some of them are private. To maintain its privacy we keep passwords to make it private and secure.

Now, why is having secure passwords important? Have you ever thought of it? Maybe not, but keeping a strong password helps you to not get hacked by hackers. As per the research there are around 2,200 cyberattacks per day which equates to 8 lakhs cyberattacks in a year.

Let’s see how you can protect your passwords and make it safer!

secure Password

  • Don’t include any basic details in your passwords like DOB, Names, Numbers, Home address etc.
  • Keep passphrases something with lower character, upper character, try different symbols, make it more unique, at least keep 8-15 long passwords with best combinations.
  • Never share any of your personal information/details with anyone.
  • Keep changing your passwords every quarter.
  • Don’t share any of your personal details on untrusted websites.
  • Try not using similar passwords on different platforms.

Passwords lead to security breaches!

Yes, you heard it right. On an average 81% of hacking related breaches used stolen passwords or weak passwords. As some applications have vulnerabilities which cause data breaches. So keeping on changing passwords can prevent hackers from accessing your credentials.

Cyber Awareness training plays a significant role in making users aware of emerging threats that help in combating social engineering attacks.

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