Mobile App Security Testing

Evaluate Security of your Personal and Corporate Android/iOS Applications with our Advanced App Security methodologies

Why I need Mobile App Security Testing?

In this revolutionary world, designing and deploying enterprise mobile applications to make growth of organisations or individuals is becoming common practice. In order to make development faster, developers started using thirdparty/open source APIs and frameworks without any security validations which leads to compromise of your app user's data results loss of the customer trust on your brand and mobile application.

Why Forenzy?

Forenzy’s app audit services helps individuals and enterprises in securing their Android and iOS applications. Our manual plus automated app testing approach gives surety to locate all possible vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Server Side Validation Bypass, Business logic vulnerabilities such as Authentication Bypass etc. in apps. Regular audits helps organisation and individuals to protect their apps against latest application level threats. Multi format app audit report with detailed mitigation instructions helps organisations in securing their apps easily.