Cyber Advisor

Get Consultancy from our Cyber Experts regarding legalities related to various Cyber Crimes.

Why I need Cyber Advisor?

Rapid growth of internet usage around the world raised the graph of cyber crimes cases exponentially. In another words, digitalization transform and disrupts world of business to both growth and threats. In most of the modern sophisticated cyber crime cases, victim has no idea about where to report the crime, how to report and whom to ask about cyber law legalities. Lack of the knowledge in lawsuit may leads to wrong judgement by cyber court.

Why Forenzy?

Forenzy's 24x7 Cyber Expert services helps cyber crime victims to understand crime scenario. By having years of experience in Digital Forensics and working with various law-enforcement firms/agencies, our experts can advise cyber crime victims about steps to be done in order to file cyber crime case and can answer all the expected questions about the crime incidents. We help victim in drafting official petition as per national and international cyber crime lawsuits.