Computer Forensics

Contact our Incident response team to perform Computer Forensics as per legal Forensics Standards

Why I need Computer Forensics?

Not most of us know Computer Forensics until Cyber Crimes became more apparent. Computers have become an integral part of our lives. They have changed the way we work. Due to this Cyber Crimes are steadily increasing. Criminals have become to realize that if they want to keep doing their dirty deeds they have to keep abreast with the times. Fortunately there are Computer Forensics Analysts who can help companies to pinpoint exactly what happened. However not all us thinks this way. I have my own IT department why would I need a Computer Forensic Analyst? Security breaches can happen even in the most secure networks. Most often the offenders come from the company who knows the company's network. Millions of dollars are lost to fraud and sabotage. Well established banks are now hacked instead of being robbed.

Why Forenzy?

Forenzy’s years of experience into Computer Forensics has helped various Government firms and Organizations in saving their money from fraud hackers and catching the culprit red-handed. A Computer Forensic Analyst is not just trained to extract and collect data but is also aware of both technical and legal aspects involved in it. Electronic data that will be extracted from the involved Computer System is handled like any other evidence in a crime scene. Forenzy handles and examines this data in a way that it complies to the standards of the evidence.