Forenzy is a single platform for your Organization's Security, BEFORE and AFTER getting affected by Cyber Frauds.

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Secure your Organization with Forenzy's

We provide robust approach for securing an Organization from an Hacker's Perspective.

Website Pentesting

Is your website Secured? Evaluate your Website Security to find and fix the security loopholes...

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Network Pentesting

You can't secure what you can't discover. Streamline and accelerate your Network vulnerability...

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Mobile Pentesting

Evaluate Security of your Personal and Corporate Android/iOS Applications with our Advanced...

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Digital Forensics

Got hacked? Contact our Incident Response Team to perform Computer Forensics with legal...

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Cyber Advisor

Afraid to contact Law-Enforcement? Don't worry. We are here to advise you on...

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Red Teaming

It helps you to identify the damage caused to your infrastructure and the effectiveness of teams...

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Forenzy's Vulnerability report

A report is not just about detailed information; it's all about how you represent it. Just a glance should be enough to capture the information on the go.


Expeditious data

Information at our fingertips, Who doesn't like that. A uniquely designed report helps you to grab a quick update just on one Glance.


Pre-defined & customizable reports.

Multiple pre-defined reports & customization provides immediate access to your vulnerability information matrix.


Effortless report Generation

A report that consists of every byte of details in a varied customizable exportable format such as HTML, PDF, CSV, XML and more.

Forenzy's VMP and Description.

A One-Touch platform that helps to discover, identify, assess, remediate and effectively monitor your organization's infrastructure keeping it secure. A Smart Vulnerability Management Solution to help any organization secure their infrastructure.

Provides robust visibility to the organization's network, assets and Infrastructure with our unique active and Passive scans for 360-degree visibility & protection.

Our threatLab's vulnerability feeds & intelligence helps in identifying vulnerabilities including Zero-day to identify & prioritize your Network vulnerabilities remediation & strengthen your infrastructure.

Visualize your network assets and their vulnerabilities with their severity score over a single dashboard. User-friendly UI with Flexi filters provides ease of control to users.

Uninterrupted scans help your on-prem & cloud infrastructure for new Network assets & their vulnerabilities with Advanced AI/ML-based ThreatLab models without disturbing any ongoing processes.

Stay-Ahead with your infrastructure's vulnerabilities with pre-defined & custom notifications. Our varied set of alerting allows Network Security & Infrastructure teams to set up any specific alerts for better vigilance.

Keep a track of the Compliance stature of your infrastructure through the Portal. Export of Scanning reports in varied standard formats allows an organization to import data into other software/tools.

Forenzy's Sixth Sense concept

provides you with Enhanced protection with vigilance like having Cherry on the Top.

Manage & Secure your Network, Infrastructure & assets with complete visibility. A better way to handle DevOps, inventory & Health Monitoring with Cyber Security using a Single platform.

Helps you to discover new hosts, track & manage inventory with the categorization of your IT inventory for best visibility with enriched asset information.

Keep a track of assets with uptime monitoring helps to optimizing resources and minimizing downtime for assets.

A consistently monitors your network & alerts you in real-time about new threats & changes to help you to quickly respond and prevent vulnerabilities and intrusions.

Monitor all your web applications for vulnerabilities, threats & misconfigurations with in-depth scans helps to identify, prioritize & remediate critical risk in a smart progressive manner.

Continuously detects vulnerabilities with the most unique signatures across a wide range of assets that covers the device, OS, apps, & network vulnerabilities for enhanced protection.

Provides comprehensive Compliance stature of your infrastructure through the Portal. Export of Scanning reports in varied standard formats allows an organization to import data into other software/tools.

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