Facts About Security


Websites hacked Everyday


Percent Increase In 0'Day Vulnerability


Plus Vulnerable Apps with Security Issues


Lakhs Cyber Crime Cases Every Year

About Us

Passionate About Perfection

Forenzy is a Cyber Security and Digital Forensics Company with an AIM of securing Businesses as well as Individual Clients from becoming victim of Cyber Threats. Our team includes Security professionals with expertise in both Automated Tools as well as Manual Threat Detection. We also have experience in working with Law firms and various Government Agencies in solving Sophisticated Cyber Crime cases.

We stand out from other Competitive Security Companies in the way that Clients get a single point of contact for dealing with their miseries BEFORE and AFTER getting affected by Cyber Frauds.

  • WannaCry Ransomware Safeguard Utility

    Afraid of becoming a victim of Wannacry? Get yourself Immunized from WannaCry Ransomware with Forenzy's FREE Vaccinator Utility

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  • Android Malware Judy's Detailed Analysis

    Judy has Hit 36.5 Million Android users to generate fraudulent link clicks on advertisements. Biggest malware campaign on Google Play!

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  • SonicSpy : An Iraqi Spyware planted on 1000+ apps

    SonicSpy spyware observed in wild. Developer planted 1000+ apps on official Google Play Store. Can steal user's highly crucial information

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