Forenzy's Vulnerability Management Program - Make your Network Hack-Proof

Add an automated Cyber Security specialist to your Infrastructure, find vulnerabilities, priotize and mitigate them

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A Perfect Vulnerability Management solution for the organisations willing to make Infrastructure Hack-Proof

Trusted by organizations including Government agencies. Forenzy s AI/ML based VMP automates real-time vulnerability identification. An Intellegent Vulnerability Management Solution to meet requirements of any business


Network Discovery

Forenzy's VMP helps in actively and passively scanning your On-Prem and Cloud Network Infrastructure to give asset visibility for Vulnerability Management and to define attack surface.


Vulnerability Assessment

Our ThreatLab's Vulnerability feeds and Human intelligence helps in identifying vulnerabilities including ZERO Days to spot and prioritize your Network Vulnerabilities.


Vulnerability Landscape

Visualize your Network assets and their Vulnerabilities with their severity scores over a single Dashboard. Our flexi filters and user friendly UI controls gives ease to the end-users.


Persistent Scanning

Our agent continuously scans your On-prem and Cloud infrastructure for new Network assets and their Vulnerabilities to provide continuos Network Security with Advanced AI/ML based ThreatLab models.


Alert Notifications

Stay up-to date with your Infrastructure's Vulnerabilities by setting-up custom notifications. Our various set of alerting allows Network Security and Infrastructure Team to setup custom alerts on-demand.


Compliance Status

Visualize compliance status of your Infrastructure over the portal. Export of scanning reports in various standard formats allows organisation to import data into other Softwares.

Perfect Enterprise Vulnerability Management Solution

Forenzy’s Vulnerability Management Program (VMP) specially designed for the enterprises and organization to make Corporate and Cloud infrastructures Hack-Proof. In rapidly growing Cyber Security age, Vulnerability Management has become standard Cyber Security practice amongst the organisation to mitigate and fight against ZERO Day vulnerabilities and advanced Cyber Crimes. Our truly powerful and compliant Vulnerability Management solution can be introduced in any environment by configuring it in three easy steps, Configuring Vulnerability Assessment scope, Scheduling Assessment time with Priotization and Configuring Alerting based on Vulnerability severities. Every Vulnerability in the network is the possible future Threat in the Corporate and Cloud environment which can be spotted and mitigated through our Solution.

Real time identification of static/BYOD/IoT Network Assets and overview of OS Vulnerabilities, Third-Party vendor Vulnerabilities, ZERO Day vulnerabilities etc. over a Single Console for the quick and efficient use.

Closed loop Vulnerability Management Solution

Forenzy’s Vulnerability Management Program (VMP) helps enterprises and organizations to manage Vulnerabilities by appropriately Identifying, categorizing, priotizing, remediating and mitigating Vulnerability Data. Our timely persistent scanning helps in keeping track of all the real-time vulnerabilities including ZERO Day Vulnerabilities and advanced Cyber Threats. Our program helps CISOs, Network team, IT Security teams etc. to get the accurate Vulnerability Landscape of an organisation’s Network and Web Infrastructure. Forenzy’s Threat Lab integration with VMP enables organisations to get expert human tuning over the automated assessments. Our 6-step thorough assessment and reporting enables organisations to mitigate threats from the infrastructure at single click.

Convenient Dashboard enables ease in Priotizing and Mitigating Vulnerabilities

One Dashboard for Network Asset Discovery and Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation helps in getting overall organisation’s IT Infrastructure and Vulnerability Landscape at one place. Our Dynamic Dashboard enables users to see the data of their own choice with dynamic custom dashboard creation feature. Multiformat report export feature enables organisations to upload and reuse Vulnerability and Network asset data in other utilities. Custom alert configurations enables Network Infrastructure and IT Security team to get quick update of Cyber Threats, new Vulnerability Identifications and Network Asset Discovery. Rich set of search filters gives great power to Dashboard users which enables them with accurate data search.

Save yor security team hundreds of hours with forenzy's VMP program

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